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Cincinnati Streetcar Construction (2014 Q2 Update)

Cincinnati Streetcar construction continued at a fast pace throughout the second quarter of 2014. Nearly all of the track in Over-the-Rhine is complete, except for major intersection at 12th and Race (a.k.a. Washington Park Junction) and the special track work near the Maintenance and Operations Facility (MOF). Several of the streetcar stops in Over-the-Rhine are nearing completion, and new traffic signals are being installed to make way for the overhead contact system (OCS) wire that will power the streetcar.

Race Street

Cincinnati Streetcar Construction (2014 Q1 Update)

Despite a brutally cold winter, significant progress was made on the construction of the Cincinnati Streetcar system. All of the straight track on Elm and Race Streets in Over-the-Rhine is now complete. Work has also begun on the short stretch of track on Central Parkway, the border between Over-the-Rhine and the Central Business District. Crews will soon begin to work on the “special” track work, including the curve from Race Street to Central Parkway. Work is also underway on two of the streetcar stops on Elm Street.