CBS’s David Poltrack touts new golden age of broadcast TV

Poltrack, who has been crunching numbers for CBS for decades, said new platforms such as digital streaming and video on demand are allowing the networks to increase their reach beyond the traditional television screen. The trick is getting accurate ratings for non-traditional viewers.

If that’s how they feel, then why are they the only major TV network that doesn’t allow streaming services like Hulu to access its full lineup of shows? CBS finally reached a deal with Hulu last month, but similar to the network’s deal with Netflix, it’s only for older shows like Star Trek, I Love Lucy, and The Twilight Zone.

Why Netflix Never Implemented The Algorithm That Won The Netflix $1 Million Challenge

And, people tend to have a more… optimistic viewpoint of their future selves. That is, they may be willing to rent, say, an “artsy” movie that won’t show up for a few days, feeling that they’ll be in the mood to watch it a few days (weeks?) in the future, knowing they’re not in the mood immediately. But when the choice is immediate, they deal with their present selves, and that choice can be quite different.

This is a fascinating phenomena, and it happens in many other contexts, not just our movie watching habits. Even if we wouldn’t make the “better choice” today, we tend to have faith that our future self would make the better choice.

TV Is Broken

In a Netflix world…

“Why did you turn the movie off, Daddy?”, Beatrix worriedly asks, as if she has done something wrong and is being punished by having her entertainment interrupted. She thinks that’s what I was doing by rushing for the remote.

“I didn’t turn it off, honey. This is just a commercial. I was turning the volume down because it was so loud. Shrek will come back on in a few minutes” I say.

“Did it break?”, she asks. It does sometimes happen at home that Flash or Silverlight implode, interrupt her show, and I have to fix it.

“No. It’s just a commercial.”

“What’s a commercial?”, she asks.