CBS’s David Poltrack touts new golden age of broadcast TV

Poltrack, who has been crunching numbers for CBS for decades, said new platforms such as digital streaming and video on demand are allowing the networks to increase their reach beyond the traditional television screen. The trick is getting accurate ratings for non-traditional viewers.

If that’s how they feel, then why are they the only major TV network that doesn’t allow streaming services like Hulu to access its full lineup of shows? CBS finally reached a deal with Hulu last month, but similar to the network’s deal with Netflix, it’s only for older shows like Star Trek, I Love Lucy, and The Twilight Zone.

Steve Jobs Discussed Potential Television Deal with CBS CEO Les Moonves

Les Moonves to Steve Jobs:

You know more than me about 99 percent of things but I know more about the television business.

The question Moonves needs to be asking is, “what is the television business?” Because if he thinks it only involves people sitting in their living room watching a big screen, he’s mistaken.

Unlike NBC, ABC and Fox, CBS shows are not even available on Hulu.