Want shorter trip? Move closer

Let the awesome letters-to-the-editor keep coming. This one is from Paul Haffner, a Mariemont resident and opponent of the Eastern Corridor highway expansion proposal. He has a very simple piece of advice for Clermont County residents who complain about their commute into Cincinnati: move closer, or stop complaining.

I need someone to now please enlighten me on what gives you the right to pave over my limited green space so you can have an easier commute for yourself or your goods to the urban core from which you have chosen to distance yourself? […]

I personally think the absolute worst thing we can do as a region is encourage more people to live/work 20-plus miles outside the city. We need to continue to pursue policies that bring people into the urban core which I will loosely define as Hamilton County and Northern Kentucky. Population density is a good thing, and public transportation even better.

We all make choices in life and have to deal with the consequences. If you choose to live 45 minutes away from the city where you work so that you can pay lower taxes, have a bigger yard, or for some other reason that you see as advantageous, you also have to deal with the downsides that come along with that decision.