Ohioans deserve and demand transportation choices

Unfortunately, the [Ohio transportation] budget is heavily tilted towards road funding, with a little more than 1 percent slated for public transportation. This is disappointing considering that roughly 9 percent of Ohio households have no vehicle, according to Census figures. Moreover, vehicle-miles-traveled is down in Ohio and across the country — and this downward trend is likely to continue as our aging Baby Boomers drive less and fewer Millennials are even bothering to get a driver’s license. Yet transit ridership continues to grow to the highest levels since 1957.

We also discussed this issue (and much more) with the City of Cincinnati’s Director of Transportation and Engineering, Michael Moore, on the latest episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast.

So I was at the UDF on Hudson at Indianola last night at 3am. I’m buying a Mountain Dew and I’m standing behind a hipster. Suddenly he turns and demands to buy the Mountain Dew for me.

They’ve always been a-holes when you meet them on their own turf but now they’ve branched out into new realms like woodworking and now ironically buying snacks for people at gas stations.

Jake Mecklenborg on hipsters