COAST Loses Fight to End Ohio Elections Commission

In November, anti-tax group COAST was sued for making false statements related to the Issue 48 campaign. Instead of defending their statements, they responded by essentially saying that their right to lie was protected by their First Amendment right to free speech.

So, COAST sued, trying to overturn the law against lying. And earlier this week, they lost.

The law states that no one may “post, publish, circulate, distribute or otherwise disseminate, a false statement, either knowing the same to be false or acting with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not, that is designed to promote the adoption or defeat of any ballot proposition or issue.”

Sounds like a fair law to me.

Everything you need to know about getting around the Gannett paywall

Gannett will be launching a paywall for the Cincinnati Enquirer and their other papers in October. The paywall, in addition to having some strange quirks related to the limit of 20 free articles, will be rather easy to bypass altogether:

The paywall relies on sessions, which in layman’s terms, means that the paywall can only count the number of articles clicked on one computer, one browser at a time.

  • Switching browsers – using Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, for example – means you’ll have a whole new 20 free articles.
  • Switching to your work computer means 20 additional free articles
  • Switching to your laptop means 20 more articles.
  • Switching to your smartphone or tablet… you get the idea.