Bunbury, Isle of White

CityBeat’s string of whiny editorials continues.

This time, Kathy Y. Wilson, author of the column “Your Negro Tour Guide,” complains that last weekend’s Bunburry music festival didn’t have any bands that “vaguely interested” her, despite her claim that she’s a fan of “all kinds of music.” She’s also upset that it was full of so many darn white people!

Wilson also takes a number of weak jabs at festival founder Bill Donabedian, who put his personal reputation (and probably his credit score) on the line to organize this ambitious event. The first annual festival drew headliners Jane’s Addiction, Weezer and Death Cab for Cutie, and met attendance expectations of 55,000 people.

I didn’t go to Bunburry this year. I was out of town for one of the nights; I’ve already attended one three-day music festival this summer; and there weren’t enough bands I wanted to see that justified buying a $46 one-day pass. But it would be absurd for me to dismiss this festival because it didn’t cater to my specific musical tastes.

I love the first comment from an anonymous reader:

If you couldn’t find one artist in the lineup that interested you then you’re not a fan of “all kinds of music”; you don’t like alternative/indie rock music, which was the genre of this festival. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there are different genres of music, and sometimes festivals cater to a specific one.

I’m not sure what CityBeat’s new owners are thinking, but they must be attempting to reduce the publication to tabloid-quality journalism.