CityBeat‘s whiny rant about driving and parking downtown

This week, CityBeat published a bizarre editorial about how hard it is to drive and park downtown. It appears the author was unaware that Taste of Cincinnati—an event attended by approximately 500,000 people every year—was going on, and was shocked to find that Fifth Street was closed and all the parking garages were full or expensive.

Brian Griffin of Cincinnati Blog writes:

Get out the big box of tissues! CityBeat‘s Maija Zummo is upset about the Pony she got. Her pony, in this case, is the vibrant Downtown/OTR we had last weekend, with about a thousand things to do. She had two things she wanted to do and didn’t seem to be aware of the other 998 things going on, and therefore is pissed that traffic and parking were problems for her.

As downtown Cincinnati starts accumulating more things to do, parking is going to keep getting harder. This is especially a problem for older cities like Cincinnati that were planned before cars existed and simply don’t have enough room for every resident and visitor to park a car. The answer, of course, is that we need quality transit to move people around quicker and easier.

CityBeat was sold to new owners in March, and they’ve already made some staff changes. It’s possible that the new owners are intentionally trying to focus less on downtown and cater more toward suburban readers. That would be terrible timing, since even the most extreme anti-city media outlets are finally admitting the success of downtown.

Still, a part of me thinks this article was a work of satire.