Stay Classy, Smitherman

Osborne’s [CityBeat op-ed] piece apparently struck a nerve with Smitherman’s NAACP. Did they respond by submitting their own op-ed that articulates their opposition to the project? Of course not; that just wouldn’t be the Smitherman way. Smitherman’s volunteers found it much easier to simply gather all the print copies of CityBeat from sidewalk newsstands and dump them into the garbage.

It’s hard to top Ohio Republicans, who had a fetus testify against abortion on the floor of the legislature. Seriously. They also went further than Wisconsin in stripping collective bargaining rights from public workers, including police and firefighters. (After that bill stalled in committee, Republicans just changed the committee membership to make sure the bill passed.) They also tried to pass legislation to allow guns in bars and stadiums and to allow drug convicts to have the right to bear arms.

The 10 Craziest State Legislatures In America

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There are no apartments available for rent in OTR.  Tell me about it.

I currently rent an apartment in OTR and will be moving at the end of August. My current landlord sold the building and the new owner is going to live in the unit I’m renting.

Anything that gets listed on Craig’s List is rented two days later.

Cincinnati’s mainstream media is finally catching on to what’s been happening over the past few years. People want to live in real neighborhoods where they interact with real people. People want to have things to do within walking distance. People don’t want to have to drive for every errand. People want to live downtown.