Someone at the Enquirer is Pushing an Anti-Downtown Bias, Again

Brian Griffin of Cincinnati Blog responds to the Enquirer’s article “Ham. Co. taxpayers subsidizing downtown parking”:

Downtown is not some foreign country. Downtown is not in Kentucky. Downtown is where the Hamilton County Commission meets. Do the Commission members park in lots that the County owns when they are doing County Business?  I am betting they do.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they get free parking in county lots.

The headline, whether intentional or not, states that Hamilton County Tax payers are subsidizing Downtown.

Two issues here:

  • The county vs. city mentality needs to stop.  The city of Cincinnati is the county seat of Hamilton County.  You can’t have a strong county or metropolitan area without a strong city.
  • Parking garages are expensive. They are all subsidized either directly (by the government) or indirectly (by the increased cost of good and services at businesses who pay for them). There is no such thing as free parking.

In the article’s comments, I added:

It’s funny because the headline could have just as easily read “Ham. Co. taxpayers subsidizing suburban lifestyle”. That parking isn’t for people who live downtown, it’s for people that commute there.

Apple’s Phil Schiller:

It’s very easy when something new launches that naysayers come out of the woodwork and all beat it down and say why it’s not going to work. And it’s so gratifying to see that instead, it’s one of the greatest things we’ve ever done.

Schiller was talking about the iPad, but his quote could be applied to a lot of things happening in the world today.

Stop thinking that just because something’s never been done before, “it won’t work”. The human race will never accomplish anything great ever again if people continue to have that attitude. Have some faith in the knowledge, creativity, research, and passion of others.

Last year BNSF [Railway] moved each ton of freight it carried a record 500 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel. That’s three times more fuel-efficient than trucking is, which means our railroad owns an important advantage in operating costs. Concurrently, our country gains because of reduced greenhouse emissions and a much smaller need for imported oil. When traffic travels by rail, society benefits.

Warren Buffet, in his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

(via Jason Kottke)