Student apartment complex to replace historic Friar’s Club

A gated apartment community for college students will replace the Friar’s Club, an 80-year-old Clifton Heights fixture whose demolition is scheduled to begin May 1.

Replacing the five-story castle-like structure will be 65 West, a $16 million apartment project with 129 units in five three-story buildings. The site, on West McMillan Street at Ohio Avenue, includes the Friar’s Club and several adjoining parcels, where other buildings were razed in recent weeks.

Some of Cincinnati’s most valuable assets are our historic buildings, and we are letting them slip away one at a time. We need a better historic preservation policy.

The tentative signs of the end to the dominance of cars in American culture are showing up in a number of ways. For example, the number of vehicles per person in America peaked in 2001. […]

Likewise, the number of miles driven in America for each man, woman and child peaked in 2004 – both of these peaks occurred long before we even dreamed of the current economic downturn which seems to have just accelerated the trends.

The University of Connecticut’s Norman Garrick

(via “Has the automobile era jumped the shark?,” Kaid Benfield)