Media has heaviest drinkers, poll finds

Media workers are the biggest consumers of wine, drinking on average one and a half bottles a week. They are also the biggest drinkers of spirits, liqueurs and shots, taking on average 3.2 measures a week, finds the poll by YouGov for the government’s Know Your Limits campaign.

CHCURC Website ‘Hacked by Cyb3rking’

The official website of CHCURC, the Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation, has been hacked.  Apparently, “Cyb3rking” is the Turkish hacker behind the shenanigan.  He left several gramatically incorrect taunts on the website, such as “Hey Admin ! Your Security=0″ and “There are serious Security ProbLems With Your Site To [Solve] The Problems contact Me.”

Originally posted to Notes from the Undertow.

The Dean v. Shadow Hare! Open Challenge for Cincinnati’s “Super Hero”

Jason Haap is a tool:

I hereby challenge [Shadow Hare] to a duel—an open debate, on the topic of safety and poverty, specifically the most effective means any concerned citizen should take to make our great City an even better place to live!  I trust, my faithful readers, that we can get this message to the Shadow Hare.