Tonight’s 60 Minutes focuses on Wilmington, Ohio

In 1980, Airborne Express turned Wilmington’s abandoned Air Force base into a hub for overnight shipping. Eight thousand people found work at what they call “the air park.” Then, in 2003 a German company, DHL, bought Airborne in an effort to win a big piece of the U.S. market. It didn’t work. The merger was rocky, there were service disruptions were delayed, and customers left in droves. With last fall’s economic crash, DHL was losing $6 million a day in the U.S.; layoffs started coming by the hundreds.

Evolution is Stupid!

Evolution makes no sense at all.  I just don’t see how any intelligent person could believe such nonsense.  I mean, have you ever seen an ape that could be taught to do algebra?  No!  Other than the most basic skills (which a dog can also be taught), an ape does not have the capacity to learn anywhere near the human level.  Apes are dumb!  You can say a dog is smart (and it might be), but it can’t logic like a human being can.

Excuse me, what?  An ape can’t logic like a human being can?  How long has logic been a verb?  Obviously, the author of this article is smarter than me.  I just can’t logic the way he does.